Office Renovations

When considering your new office space, the last thing you need to worry about is electrical outlets, lighting that will keep you alert, or if the conference call speaker’s cord is long enough to reach the wall. Pacman Electric has the foresight to anticipate the common problems with office electricals through it’s years of experience.

Room Additions

Keep it simple and comfortable in every room of your home with fine paneling, wiring, and security.

Commercial Warehouse Lighting

New Installation, Design & Retro-Fits - Design your space and let Pacman Electric make your dreams come true.

Parking Lot Lighting and Repairs

Feel safe when going to your car with our bright illumination and electrical packages.

Temporary Power for Events

Don’t let the music stop when a fuse blows! Get Pacman Electric on the job to make sure your event goes off without a hitch.

Security Lighting

Keep your valuables safe with security lighting in your blind spots. We know where and how to keep security lighting strategic and cost efficient.

Condominium Electrical

Find your safe haven in your home condominium with the perfect electrical setup. Impress your friends with great lighting and entertainment.

Educational Facilities

Keep students plugged in and attentive in an educational environment with the correct electrical outlets and lighting.

Industrial Buildings

Be conscious and conservative by utilizing our cost effective industrial electrical packages.

Manufacturing Plants

Never worry again about electrical problems in production and keep the wheels moving at your company.

Single & Multi-Family Units

Distribute and keep track of electrical usage in larger buildings. Keep the tenants happy.

Special Projects

You name it, we’ve got experience doing it. No project is out of our realm, but each project is special.

Tenant Improvements

We’re oncall and ready for action to improve or remedy any situation for your tenants.

Surge Protection

Safety is always first with Pacman Electric and that includes limiting voltage to potential danger zones. We always keep protection first and foremost.

Generator Installation

Any and all types of generators come as second nature installations for us. Be confident that it will be installed correctly, efficiently and quickly.

Panel Upgrades

Upgrading your panels has never been as simple as when you go with Pacman Electric. Expect the best and most cost effective methods and options with us.

FPL Meter Repairs & Replacements

Keep your gear maintained and up to date with our meter repair and replacement services.

Pools & Jacuzzis

Get your pool pumps and heaters prepared for the summer months. We have years of experience with keeping pool equipment running smoothly so there aren’t any unpleasant surprises when it’s time to get in the jacuzzi.

Landscape Lighting

Make your home the bell of the cul-de-sac with our landscape lighting. With beautiful lights illuminating your home and garden, you’ll become the talk of the town.

Ceiling Fans & Recessed Lighting

Installation of ceiling fans and recessed lighting has never been easier. Just pick out what you want and where you want it and let us do the rest.

Power & Lighting for Docks

Pacman Electric has experience in every facet of electrical and lighting down at the docks. We work fast and keep safety as the number one priority.

Healthcare Buildings

Keep the operating and examining spaces well lit, safe and always operational with our healthcare electric packages.

Entertainment Buildings

Ambiance is key when entertaining and we are professionals at getting the lighting just right. Keep the room at a comfortable temperature even when reaching capacity.

Hospitality Buildings

Keep the hotel running smoothly with the correct installation and distribution of voltage. Don’t sweat when the patrons keep the TV and AC on and run a blow dryer again.


Never worry about power outages or disruptions in electrical machines or lighting when you put Pacman on the job.

Design Build

Customize your spaces with original design and we’ll make your wildest dreams come true.