Lights, Cameras, Safety: Why Security Electronics are Important for Your Business

You’ve worked hard to build your company. You’ve amassed a great inventory, a thriving office, and a safe space for your employees and customers. Everything is going according to plan, so make sure that plan includes protecting your valuable business center with the proper security system and accompanying lighting scheme.

An estimated 8.8% of small businesses fall victim to theft or break-ins every year in the United States. To put that in context, look around your block, your neighborhood, and your town. Approximately one out of every 11 shops you see will be the target of a robbery this year. And if you’re lucky enough to be spared, there’s always next year.

Don’t be a statistic. Beat the criminals at their own game by fortifying your organization before they creep onto your property to do their worst.


Crime festers in the dark. You’ll notice that the safest city streets are well illuminated; that’s because unsavory characters rely on shadows to perpetrate their nefarious acts.

Blast the darkness away with a strategic network of floodlights. In addition to showing off the exterior of your property (and warding off would-be vandals in the process), you are announcing to the community at large that yours is a business not to be hassled. Maintaining a healthy lighting presence solidifies your status as a company that values security, and it will stand as a beacon to other surrounding businesses. If your neighbors follow suit, your cluster of stores becomes a community that eschews the efforts of criminals in favor of law-abiding citizens.

Motion Detection

A robber can’t get away if he or she can’t move. Stop them in their tracks by installing a series of motions sensors that trigger lights, alarms, and cameras to record their every step. 

Strategic Positioning

All of the aforementioned devices are good ideas to install at any business (or home), but your establishment is unique. You know these surroundings better than anyone, so you can work with a trained professional to pinpoint the best angles to direct your lights/sensors and how best to situate them within the existing structure of your place of business.

This process can be painstaking, but we’re here to help. We offer free estimates to help create the best overall plan for your security needs, so don’t hesitate to call and discuss your observations and concerns.

Illuminating the Weak Points

Once you have carried out the aforementioned scouting and surveillance of your property, map out the problem areas on a piece of paper. Better yet, consult the blueprints of your establishment and really be self-critical about potential vulnerabilities.

Now that you’ve identified these weak points, shine a light on them! Bolster your above floodlighting plan with peripheral footlights, motion-activated bulbs, and a general rounding out of your lighting tapestry. If you eliminate blind spots, you’ll see your way to a prosperous, burglar-free future.

Power Up Your Cameras

We live in a visual era and the age of technology. The perfect intersection between these concepts is the advent of the surveillance camera. Any thief worth his or her proverbial salt will think the same thing upon hatching a plan to break into a store: Where are the cameras? By disabling the power to your security lenses, robbers figure they can waltz around unseen, pillaging your shelves and stealing at will.

Prove them wrong.
Be sure your cameras have a reliable and indestructible power source. Consider battery packs in the case of a blackout, and upload your footage to an offsite data storage cloud. In the worst case scenario, the burglars get away with a few items, but their deeds are caught on camera for the authorities. Only then is there a chance to recoup your losses and get justice for the indignity of being robbed. 

Protect the Grid

Let’s face it: crooks are sneaky. Crime is their business and business is booming. The recidivism rate in Florida is a whopping 33%, which means that one in three individuals released from prison will be back within a three-year period. 

Burglars with a track record tend to do their homework. They study a potential target and subdue its defenses before they attack. If they see that you have a security system in place, they will most likely try to power it down by sabotaging your electrical system. You need to be smarter than the bad guys/girls and galvanize your grid. Make sure your wires aren’t exposed and that your circuit breaker is safely locked away. 

In case of a power outage, you should consider investing in a generator backup to ensure that your most important assets remain impervious to the criminal element. By staying online, you keep your lights up and your weaknesses down.

Celebrate Your Security

Once you have your ideal security lighting system in place, show it off! Walk the perimeter of your business, test its blind spots, and be seen showing confidence in your defenses. The more often onlookers see you in a well-lit scenario, contemplating potential break-ins before they happen, the more you will develop a reputation as someone with whom not to mess. 

The best way to establish yourself as a business owner who means business is to schedule a consultation with a member of our expert team. We’re happy to shed some light on your security needs, calculate the costs of your proposed new system, and act as a general support squad when you need us most. We look forward to keeping you safe, so call us today!

Chris Pacchioli