Here We Are Now, Entertain Us: How to Wire Your Space for Maximum Enjoyment

We live in a pop culture era. Videos are accessible on our smartphones, music plays in virtually every retail venue, and our collective eyes are perpetually drawn to the nearest flat-screen TV. Welcoming customers into your space is like welcoming a guest into your home; you want them to feel like a member of the family, so that often entails entertaining them.

The thought of designing and maintaining a full-fledged sight and sound display for a commercial space can be daunting. How elaborate should you be? What effect will it have on your business? And how can you deliver your desired ambiance without detracting from your brand or depleting your resources?

These are all important questions that factor into your bottom line, so let’s break them down one by one as we explore the right entertainment electrical system for you.

Crank Up the Consumerism!

If music soothes the savage beast, then how does it affect your clients? You want to be very cognizant of what type of music you want to play, at what volume, and where to situate your speaker system to deliver the optimum vibes.

Studies have indicated that high tempo music keeps customers moving along at a quicker pace. This aesthetic is ideal for convenience stores or fast-food establishments because you want a high turnover of satisfied patrons flowing smoothly in and out of your space.

However, many practitioners of the hospitality field prefer their guests to stay a while. The longer a guest lingers in a higher end restaurant, for example, the more they will explore your menu and buy additional items (like the all-important dessert course). A slower pace of music is more suited to spaces like hotels and fine dining outlets, many of whom we have had the good fortune to hook up with electrical systems over the years.

Scope Out Your Space

As you embark upon wiring a speaker system through your various rooms and hangouts, test the atmosphere for yourself. After all, you are your own best customer, so sit in each section of the main hall, listen to how the sound reverberates from table to wall to floor and back again. Which seats are the most pleasant? Which are the most grating? How can you bring parity to these extremes?

As you are answering these quality control conundrums, get the opinion of an experienced technician who can guide you through the ins and outs of designing your ideal sound landscape. Map out how much wiring you need to connect every disparate speaker without requiring more than one central control hub. In short: loop us in early in the process to avoid complications further down the road.

Lookin’ Great

Now that you’ve turned up the tunes, it’s time to light it up… literally. Your lighting design is more than just a functional matter of how best to showcase your inventory and common areas; it sets a mood for how visitors will perceive your business on a much more basic scale.

One fascinating psychological experiment proved that the same item will elicit two very different reactions depending on the lighting pastiche in which it is presented. Those who sat in a chair while exposed to bright lighting enjoyed that chair far less than those in a dimly lit environment. Brightness is a cue for how our mind is interpreting our surroundings.

Conversely, diners in shadowy restaurants often feel less connected to one another as well as the food they are ingesting. Their enjoyment of the meal is sometimes hindered if they can’t see it in fine detail, affecting how they rate its spiciness, texture, and overall taste.

These findings have a myriad of applications for eateries, casinos, clubs, and retail spaces. How do you want your clientele to interact with what you’re offering them? The answer can be greatly shaded (pun intended) by your lighting system. Factor in such accessories as TVs, LED lights, and other strobe/dimming illuminations and you are really starting to craft your brand through carefully chosen fixtures and wattage.

Check, Please?

I know what you’re thinking: yes, these lighting and sound schemes are important, but how much are they going to cost? We like how you think; we are also eminently conscious of price and its relation to quality. That’s why we have a few guidelines to consider before diving into your entertainment electrical project:

  • How can we cut down on waste before it starts to drain your monthly electricity bill?

    • When choosing your appliances, you should avoid what we call energy vampires – these are monitors that don’t automatically shut off, air conditioning that doesn’t bring down the median temperature of your high traffic areas, and office equipment (such as printers) that you leave running without thinking about them. By switching off the unnecessary power hogs, you can focus on electricals that truly entertain (not drain).

  • Is it central to your brand?

    • Sure, it would be fun to project a life-sized replica of the northern lights on the ceiling of your store… but is it necessary? What are you selling: style or substance? If you run a high-end camping franchise that caters to arctic adventurers, then the Aurora Borealis would indeed be a worthwhile lighting scheme, but a small travel agency can’t afford such luxuries.

  • How are we going to achieve the biggest bang for the smallest bucks?

    • This is the bottom line (supreme). To bring your unique vision to life, get a free estimate today. We can assess not only what it will cost to install the right entertainment electrical system, but also your monthly costs to keep it running at its utmost efficiency while still delivering the greatest impact.

We look forward to shining a spotlight on your business endeavors, so call us soon. It’s show time!

Chris Pacchioli